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Foam free ceremony decor for a destination wedding in Italy.

Travel and weddings are often labelled as wasteful and damaging to the environment. Thorough knowledge, timely planning and prioritising the desire to reuse and recycle, will allow for a more sustainable destination wedding.

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A wedding planning consultation is a chance to ensure we are on the same page and the right fit for each other. Find out what’s involved and how to make the most of it.

International Wedding Planner Monica of Dandelion Celebrations - unexpected, beautiful weddings around the world

If you’ve set your hearts on getting married abroad, you have two options; an international wedding planner, or a local planner…but which one should you opt for?

top tips for choosing a destination wedding venue

Choosing a destination wedding venue can be a time consuming minefield. I’m going to share with you 2 things you definitely should do when hunting for that hidden gem, and 2 things you probably shouldn’t.

Destination Wedding Planning Guide. Couple kissing during their elopement ceremony in Italy..

The initial excitement of a wedding abroad needs tempering with a few considerations. I created this destination wedding planning guide to take you through the 5 things you should consider before saying ‘yes’ to jetting off!

Elopement destinations in Italy

If you’re considering an elopement or intimate wedding in Italy, but are looking for a unique location off the tourist trail, you don’t want to miss these unexpected destinations!